Road Legal LED Lights

LTPRTZ LED Headlights provide the latest German designed technology in LED (Light Emitting Diode) headlights. Offering a significant increase in illumination compared to standard headlights the LTPRTZ Headlight will provide drivers with increased visibility and security.

The LTPRTZ LED Headlight replacement offers a combination of high energy safety, efficiency and a significantly increased lifespan. An LED bulb’s low heat and durability make it possible to continue for thousands of hours longer than standard bulbs. LEDs are a very reliable, stable and durable type of lighting. This stability is what makes them ideal in outdoor environments which are subject to temperature fluctuations, bad weather, bumps and bangs.

Upgrade your halogen vehicle headlamps to the latest-generation LTPRTZ headlights today. LTPRTZ LED Headlights can be installed as replacements for existing headlights or as an independent light source. Working on either 12V or 24V power sources and being easy to install makes them very portable. This allows for them to be used for a wide range of lighting needs including agriculture, construction and marine environments.

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