Warrior Eco Cordless String Trimmer WEP8001ST 60v

Model: WEP8001ST

Cordless String Trimmer

Say hello to the new Warrior Eco Cordless String Trimmer, offering cordless versatility, plenty of power and simplicity of use. It has a 16” cutting circle and uses a 2mm diameter, 5m long, nylon strimming cord. The Warrior cordless grass String Trimmer also has a comfortable shoulder strap and weighs in at only 3.4kg. This cordless String Trimmer features an “automatic speed adjustment” function alongside a low noise and low vibration design. Furthermore it has a handle with 4 adjustable levels, making it easy to operate for people of differing heights. With minimum assembly and maintenance. This great cordless grass trimmer takes care of lawn edges and overgrown areas fuss free.



Cordless String Trimmer Features
  • Brushless motor
  • Shoulder strap for extra comfort
  • Small size
  • Light weight
  • High power
  • High strength double aluminium rod
  • Quick connector
  • Automatic speed regulation
  • Power saving function
  • Multi-function indicators
  • Portable
  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • Comfortable and durable
Battery Powered String Trimmer

Using its fast charge facility, the 60V Samsung lithium ion battery will be fully charged in 40 mins. These 2.5 ah batteries can be charged over 500 times offering years of operation. They also have a “Battery Life Indicator” identifying when a recharge is required. Our batteries and charger are fully interchangeable with all Warrior Eco Garden Products. This adaptability provides a significant cost saving when considering the purchase of other Warrior Eco Cordless Garden tools.

Brushless Motor Technology

The Warrior Eco Cordless String Trimmer has brushless motor technology meaning it can automatically adjust its power level when required. It requires no maintenance, no wires and no petrol! This technology also makes it quieter, lighter, and more compact meaning it can deliver up to 40% more power when needed.

Warrior Eco Cordless Garden Tools

Cordless garden equipment means a brighter and better future for your garden when using Warrior Eco Power Equipment! This EU approved and certified cordless grass trimmer has a 3 year warranty as standard. We also offer free next day delivery to UK mainland addresses and a 30 day money back guarantee. Warrior Eco Power Equipment provides high quality gardening accessories for the astute gardener.

With our technology gardening will be effortless and your garden more beautiful.


Battery Operated String Trimmer Highlights


    Making it the simplist of tasks to reload.


    At 3.5kg, this is one of the lightest String Trimmers on the market.

  3. 2.5Ah BATTERY

    Powerful Samsung Lithium Ion battery.


    For monumental power and superior performance.


    For maximum user safety.


    For aggressive cutting.

One Eco Battery Powers Them All

The fast charging Warrior Eco Battery can be used to power all Warrior Eco products, so you don’t need multiple batteries for multiple products. (The Warrior Eco Lawn Mower can run on one or two Warrior Eco batteries for extra cutting time)


sku WEP8001ST
Motor Type Brushless (External)
Max Power Output 800 watts
Rated Volt
DC 60V Samsung lithium ion battery
Cutting Diameter 355 / 406mm (14/16″)
No Load Speed 4300-6300 rpm (Auto Adjusted)
Line Diameter 2mm (0.07″)
Lithium Battery 2.5Ah
Running Time 40 minutes
Charger 4A
Charging Time 40 minutes (2.5Ah)
Weight (incl battery) 3.4kg (7.4lbs)
Dimensions 1816 x 136 x 159mm
(71,5 x 5,3 x 6,2″)
Warranty 3 Year
Certification CE/EMC



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