Warrior Eco Power Equipment Samsung Lithium Ion 2.5ah Battery Pack – WEP8302BP 60v

Lithium Battery Pack

Introducing the Warrior Eco Power Equipment Samsung Lithium Ion 2.5ah Battery Pack. Due to its “Slide and click” engagement using this battery is simplicity itself. Once the task is completed, to remove the battery simply pull it from the cordless garden tool or charger.



Lithium Battery Pack Features
  • Large capacity
  • High power
  • High discharge rate
  • BMS battery management system
  • Charge and discharge communication identification system
  • Perfect charge and discharge protection
  • Equalization function
  • Power display
  • Charging bank function
  • Fast charging


Using its fast charging lithium battery charger, this 60V Samsung lithium ion battery will charge fully in as little as 40 minutes. These state of the art batteries weigh approximately 1.2 kg and can be charged over 500 times providing years of reliable operation. They even come with a 4 level “Battery Life Indicator” so you know how much power is available and when a recharge is required.

Our eco-friendly cordless batteries and battery charger are fully interchangeable with all Warrior Eco Cordless Garden tools. For the financially savvy gardener this versatility provides a clear cost saving when looking to purchase other Warrior Eco Garden equipment.

This EU approved and certified battery has a 3 year warranty as standard. We also offer free next day delivery to UK mainland addresses and a 30 day money back guarantee.




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