Warrior Eco Power Equipment Samsung Lithium Rapid Battery Charger WEP8362C 60v

Lithium Battery Charger

Introducing the Warrior Eco Power Equipment Samsung Lithium Battery Charger. This 60V charger has a clever and informative “Charging Indication Display”. It also boasts an “Intelligent Dual Fan Control System” which provides information for when the battery is becoming too hot and automatically begins a cooling process.



Lithium Battery Charger Features
  • Large charging current
  • High power
  • Perfect charging protection
  • Battery identification communication system
  • Fast charging
  • Intelligent dual fan control system

The eco-friendly cordless battery and battery charger are interchangeable with the full range of Warrior Eco Cordless Garden tools. Making them ideal for the astute gardener as the compatibility gives a huge cost saving when looking to purchase other Warrior Eco Garden equipment.

As light as 0.6 kg our lime green battery charger is eco-friendly, efficient and intelligent. This EU approved and certified charger has 3 years warranty as standard. As with all the products we also offer free next day delivery to UK mainland addresses and 30 days money back guarantee.




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